Made with love in Czech republic

Cron-stop® is an herbal drink supplement’s the diet in:

+ Crohn’s disease
+ frequent diarrhea
+ constipation
+ ulcerative colitis
+ inflammation of the intestines
+ irritable bowel syndrom
+ hemorrhoids
+ abdominal pain
+ cancer

Many people are suffering from intestinal problems. The most common causes: stres, notregular drinking recomendotion, irregular eating, too much coffee, low aktivity…all this endangers the intestines and results in their incorrect function. It is really important to help the colon.

We have an herbal drink for you that can do it. Don’t take drugs, try this recognized invention.

We are a Czech company that produces a unique food supplement called Cron-stop®. This product has been recognized by the European Patent Office as an invention and is made from a balanced combination of herbs, without added substances, flavors, preservatives and is thus a 100% natural product.

In case of ordering and use, we will be happy for your feedback. Are you looking for a stool test for calprotectin? Can’t reduce the amount of this marker? Before the examination, try drinking Cron-stop® according to the recommended dosage for at least a week and share the result with us. This is important to us as we strive to make Cron-stop® an approved drug for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.



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Skvělý pomocník pro dobré fungování trávicího ústrojí. Vyrábí se v licenci dle celosvětově uznaného vynálezu, který blahodárně působí při průjmech, zácpách, bolestech břicha, syndromu dráždivého tračníku, ulcerózní kolitidě, Crohnově chorobě atp.

Ein großartiger Helfer für das gute Funktionieren des Verdauungssystems. Es wird in Lizenz gemäß der weltweit anerkannten Erfindung hergestellt, die sich günstig auf Durchfall, Verstopfung, Bauchschmerzen, Reizdarmsyndrom, Colitis ulcerosa, Morbus Crohn usw. auswirkt.

A great helper for the good functioning of the digestive system. It is produced under license according to the globally recognized invention, which has a beneficial effect on diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.




Cron-stop is a dietary supplement in the form of an herbal drink, which cares for the mucous membranes of the digestive system (esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small and large intestine) and helps to restore their natural function.

It is manufactured under license from a globally recognized invention that has a beneficial effect on diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, etc.

Cron-stop helps even where others do not help. Use this unique invention against gastric and intestinal diseases without and as a prevention against cancer.

The condition of the digestive system has a decisive influence on the creation of the body’s defenses and prolongs life. Due to its low energy value, it is very suitable for diabetics and people who are trying to reduce overweight.

The effectiveness and effect of Cron-stop are given by the combination of individual types of herbs, their exact ratio and unique production process.

Method of use

We recommend drinking Cron-stop slowly every morning on an empty stomach (300 ml). It is best consumed at room temperature. Let the herbal substances have a beneficial effect in the digestive tract for at least 1 hour, so do not eat or drink until you have a light breakfast.

In case of acute conditions, it is good to drink a second glass of Cron-stop during the day. Its second daily dose gives the body more herbs and a faster onset of benefits.

Cron-stop should be taken every day until the problems go away. Once your health has improved to the level you want, Cron-stop can be phased out. Reduce the dose from twice a day to once a day in the morning on an empty stomach (one glass), then once every two days, etc. Usually, the change in health is gradual from day to day, but it can also be a jump according to customer reviews.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

We send a Cron-stop® in boxes made to measure

Boxes are made exactly of dimension bottle’s. Material of boxe sis from special cardboard with separating part’s.
We have prepared two size variant’s for 6 and 12 pieces of Cron-stop® bottles.
Did you buy a different quantity of glasses? Do not be worry about! We fill the empty space in box with soft packaging material.

Why a diatary suplement

Producer Daily Herbs, s. r. o. is workinh to make Cron-stop® an approved drug of Chron’s dinase an ulcerative colitis. The drug approval processe requires years of testing and cost million’s of crowns. So, just now is Cron-stop® marketes as a dietary suplement.

According to the Food Act No 110/1997 a food suplement is defined as a food intended to suplement a normal regular diet, which is concentraated of vitamins and mineral or other substances with a nutritional or physological effect.


Cron-stop® Vám zasíláme v krabicích vyrobených na míru

Krabice vyrobené na míru jsou z pevné, několikavrstvé lepenky s oddělujícími přepážkami.
Máme připravené dvě varianty o velikosti pro 6 a 12 kusů skleniček
Pokud si pořídíte jiný počet sklenic, nemusíte se obávat. Prázdné místo vyplníme balícím materiálem.